K&M Technology Group Virtual Training 

Based on the successful rollout of our virtual training and the feedback we received from the attendees, K&M Technology Group is offering a second virtual training course, Advanced Well Design and Suck Pipe Prevention Training. This course will compliment the current virtual training that has been offered and will follow a similar format with a mix of recorded training material that can be viewed at the attendee’s own time and pace followed by shorter instructor let training to cover move advanced subjects. Participants must complete the basic “ERD and Complex Well Design and Execution Training” as a prerequisite.

Key learning objectives:

  • Running Casing and Liners in Long Reach Wells 
  • Cementing Challenges at High Inclination 
  • Advanced Torque, Drag and Hydraulics Modeling 
  • Drill String Design 
  • Risk Mitigation:  
  • Differential sticking 
  • Casing and drill pipe wear 
  • Narrow mud weight windows 
  • MPD  
  • Well Design and Rig Sizing - Case study

*** Russian nationals or students working in Russia must check with K&M Technology Group prior to enrolling. Please email [email protected] ***

First Session

Instructor Led Introduction to Training

September 13, 2021 / 9am-11am (GMT+1)

Web Based Self Study

September 13-21, 2021

Following the introduction, the participant will have access pre-recorded virtual training with one week to complete them. A total duration of less than 8 hours is required to cover the pre-recorded training sections.

Second Session

Instructor Led Virtual Training

September 21-23, 2021 (3 Day Training)

Day 1 (September 21): 9am - 3pm (GMT+1)

Morning: 9am -11am / Drill String Design

Afternoon: 1pm - 3pm / Torque, Drag, Buckling and Hydraulics Modeling

Day 2 (September 22): 9am - 3pm (GMT+1)

Morning: 9am -11am / Running Casing and Liners In Long Reach Wells

Afternoon: 1pm - 3pm / Cementing

Day 3 (September 23): 9am - 3pm (GMT+1)

Morning: 9am - 11am / Hole Additional Risks and How to Mitigate Them

Afternoon: 1pm - 3pm / Well Design and Rig Sizing

What's included:

Ability to Schedule 2 hours one on one time with a K&M Engineer to discuss specific topics.


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3-Day Advanced Well Design and Stuck Pipe Prevention Training